Orange you glad it’s Fall!

Orange! Red! Yellows! All the colors of fall! And I love them!

I looked everywhere to find some Fall decorations for my porch. I went to several thrift stores looking for baskets, flower benches, or floral arrangements that I could re-purpose. I am well aware that I could just go to a home decor store and pay the price for prepackaged decorations, but what fun would that be!

My thrifty scavenger hunt led to one Christmas wreath and a mirror, neither of which were on my original list.

Reflect on the price of $1.99!

I wouldn’t normally purchase a used mirror. Superstitions say that you never know what they hold, but it felt good in my hands and made its all the way to the register without second thoughts. I’ve only made this exception one other time and I haven’t regretted it yet.

$3.99 gold find!!! I’ll spruce it up some later!

As happy as a I am with my new treasures, these are not what I went searching for.  I need something that says “Welcome Fall”!!! I welcome the cooler weather, the warm sweaters, and lots of homemade soup.  I want my house to smell like cinnamon and vanilla for no reason at all.  I want a cakes and cookies to stay on deck! I want comfort, inside and out. But for me, this has to start at my door.  When I walk in or out, I want that cozy feeling to be with me. I need a Fall wreath.

I Fall for You

No matter the season

My heart has a reason

I fall for you

Our passions burn red

Our love is well fed

I fall for you

My mind says be mellow

My courage is yellow

I fall for you

You warm me like porridge

You immune me like orange

I fall for you!

So what could I do? I had to make a way. I decided to journey over to the dollar store. They have all sorts of cheesy decorations that ultimately delude you into spending more than $1.  Well, I found bushels of plastic leaves and a wire wreath form.  I discovered the cutest scarecrow “welcome” sign. The irony of a scarecrow welcome sign is that I want to say welcome, but I hope I scare off crows. It is the duality of my true personality. 


My Wreath Making Skills: Beginner

Skill level required: Intermediate

Materials: A hoop wreath form, 6 bushels of artificial flowers/leaves, a welcome sign, and one foot of twine.

Cost: $9.00

As usual, I picked a craft that was probably well above my actual skill set. I have this tendency.  My imagination is not typically aware of the time and effort it takes to successfully complete crafts.  It most certainly does not understand that the goal is to end up with a product that looks like I imagined. Instead, I generally get flawed outputs that sincerely reflect me! Art teaches me to trust the learning process. It helps me to trust my mind’s eye. My intuition. It can be very therapeutic if you don’t let yourself get hung up on mistakes. Love the things you put your hands to “flaws and all”!

All I wanted was a wreath. And I got that and so much more!

Orange you glad it’s Fall?!

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