The Awakening

The sun is up over there

Not here yet

I haven’t heard a bird chirp

Drool in their nests

I slumbered deep for many nights

Too long

Curled tightly to myself

Passions gone

Legs moan at wiggling toe’s complaints

Solid ground raised

Back cracks hip snaps pop treats

Fingers sky reach

Rest until your soul can’t sleep

Stand in the morning

Heeeyyyy y’all!! I know it’s been a minute, but I thought I’d peep in and show my face. Believe me, I’ve been working very hard (and quietly) these past few months. Checking tasks of my list and prioritizing my ventures.

Writing is my truest love and I miss when we are apart. But absence does make my heart grow fonder or so I tell my non-committal self. Anywho.. My deadlines will be wrapping up soon and I plan to spend my summer with you!

Until we meet again…

Love & Peace 🦋