Flower killers say yes

So the Fuzz B-Worms 📚🐛 are searching for some good new reads. We just started our FB group reading club in January! We are happy to be building our little community around something we love!

For our February reading, we selected “The Boat People” by Sharon Bala. I look forward to reviewing it after our group discussion next month! Stay tuned!

So right now, we have two books in the running for our next pick! Two totally different genres, but the great thing about this group is that not everyone has to read the same thing! Three books can be in rotation as long as it has eager readers!

So here they go in no particular order:

Killers of Flowers and Moon” by David Grann. This is a true crime historical novel that delves deep into events that depict how greed and racist ideologies led to theft and murder. A story after my own heart (I’m a criminologist that studies genocide. Go figure).

and “Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand in The Sun and Be Your Own Person” by Shonda Rhimes. Ms. Rhimes shares her thoughts and advice on how to own your moments in life by saying Yes to opportunities and destiny. This is pumped up to be an “ah ha” moment book and I could stand to say “ah ha” aka yes!

I’m tempted to read them both! I think these are great options for audio books. Hmm…I may have to just say yes!

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