Groovy son come home

I’m feeling nostalgic this morning. Our oldest son came home for Christmas. He’s been out on his own in another state for many years. If I wasn’t being the cool mom, I would have cried over our nachos and beer last night.

Some of you may be able to relate to the dynamics of raising a blended family. We successfully fused a family of his, mine, ours, and theirs. There has been no accomplishment greater then safely leading this man tribe with a warrior sister into adulthood.

CW and I have one daughter and six sons. She is 26. Her brothers are 24, 24, 22, 18, and 18. Our 2 pairs and 2 spares. Basically every other child biologically belongs to one of us. I had Mar, D, & Q when we met. They were the perfect match for Groovy, Isa, and Ize. Groovy and D are two weeks apart and were born at the same hospital. I call them the “twins that aren’t”. We all got married when these boys were 10.

When D & Q came home from work last night, they were so excited to see their brother. Q couldn’t wait for Groove to see how tall he had gotten. ( my baby was standing all extra straight, like “respect my growth bruh”). At 6’2″, he’s the tallest member of our tribe. I kept catching the “twins that aren’t” looking at each other. They had missed each other’s faces.

Isa is the shortest of us all, but his extra machismo makes up for it. He’s our first son to find a wife and start a family. He had always looked up to his big brother. They have different moms, so the time they spent at our house etched forever memories. Ties that bind. Isa beamed with pride when his brother held his son for the first time. CW whispered, “Bloodline”. Everyone nodded in wonderment.

Ize couldn’t come visit. Job, or girlfriend, or job and girlfriend, who knows. But he is missed. Mar is bringing her family over today to meet their long lost Uncle. Lil Miss hasn’t seen him since she was a year. She’ll be intrigued by his grooviness. He’ll really dig her conversation.

I can’t wait to hear his stories. Talk out our philosophies. CW can’t wait to hear his music. I’m sure they’ll work on a project together while he’s here.

I fed him so long, I swear he looks like me.💜<<<<
ld me last night that it felt good to take the time to connect with the family he grew up in. Helps you remember the core parts of you and appreciate your foundation.

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