A Stitch In The Meantime

What do you do to pass the time while you’re busy passing the time? I swear it’s not a trick question. I’m just sitting here at my sewing machine to do some relaxing quilting, while I wait for my brain to process information that I read for a final term paper.

The paper is on “The Fifth Race: Diasporic Cultures and the Road Toward Humanism”. That’s my title. Don’t steal it 😩 I read two books 📘📕and many, many, many journal articles 📚📚and International Criminal Court memorandums 🤦🏽‍♀️in order to narrow my topic down. But my brain is sleepy now. We just wanna craft while we wait…

Support your local library and bookstores. Nothing beats print!

So in the meantime, in between time, I am going to start my next grandboy quilt. I am by no means a pro at this, but it makes my soul feel good.

When selecting material I simply walk around Joann’s Fabric or Hobby Lobby until I find something that “looks” like the person. When I first started sewing blankets (that I called quilts, but weren’t really quite quilts), I would go to the thrift store and buy sheets and fabric shower curtains to use. (Don’t be bougie! Just wash em!) They were already cut to size basically and if I didn’t like the project it only cost me $5. Eh good deal. I also liked that the fabric was a little worn so the blankets were cozy right away. So economics, aesthetics, and laziness were my creative motivations (I don’t like or understand proper measurements). No magic. No statistical analysis.

Do you see my embroidery hoop? I have a new stitch to try. 😊

Now this will be my first time using a poly-fil. I chose an extra loft, because I want it to be cozy after many washes. I don’t know a lot about filling (I use to just use an old blanket and repurpose it), but I’m trying to grow my skill set. And my mother-in-law keeps asking me over and over and over again if I’m going to fill them. I take it that’s her subtle hint that I should lol.

My thoughts: These babies are gonna sweat like hell under these thick ass quilts.

I doubt I’ll ever do fancy log cabins and I don’t really want too. I think they’re cool looking, but I don’t want to cut and measure all those squares and triangles. I checked out a book once that told me all about how quilt patterns contained the hidden messages and directions for the underground railroad! Like how freaking cool is that! But I’m not really trying to get in the quilt for show league. I want them to be used until they’re threadbare.

My Granny taught me to handstitch and make patterns when I was about 10 yrs old. I still make my own patterns or repurpose (there’s that word again lol) them to make original designs. Haven’t sewn a dress in over 20 yrs, but whatever I sewed was sewn by hand. And I liked it that way. Fast forward to about 8 yrs ago. I basically inherited my first and only sewing machine from my Aunt Shirley and it came with all of her and Grandma Emmie’s patterns, threads, books, and a tote full of quilt materials. I try to use their things to keep quilting alive. Perfectly matches with my desire to create heirlooms for my family. 😍

Well… Back to the essay I go 👍🏽