Schoolgirl Appeal

Oh she’s so pious

Utterly devout

Sitting with her legs crossed

Cocoa thighs hanging out

Look at how she’s saintly

Religiously astute

Attire of a schoolgirl

Brand of prostitute

Commentary: I know that seems like an odd thing to write, but this is the dichotomy of womanhood. No matter how reserved and attentive to social rules we are, we are consistently viewed as having precipitated sexual violence against ourselves. You were “playing hard to get”, you wore “provocative” clothes, or you “flaunted” your appeal. You, the victim, sent mixed signals.

How about this? A schoolgirl is just a schoolgirl. A good girl is just a good girl. And a party girl still has her same rights. You may not be able to stop someone else on Capital Hill from committing or condoning sexual harassment or assaults, but you can change your consciousness about it and bring humanity back to the dialogue in your homes, socal circles and workplace.

Stepping……down….of my….soapbox 👣

DP Prompt::Saintly

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