Jump up and over!

My life passed through another arch a few days ago. My walk to the top of the rolling hill broke into a view of a new place. Just as beautiful as what I’d left behind, but deeper and fuller than I could have known the open space could hold. Wider. Richer.

It was the weirdest thing. I think I might have missed it. Crossing over this imaginarily certifiable line was no more than a blip. Who could pin point it by a tingle? Second by second. I was there with all my senses, but I blinked and was forever changed. Fairytale. Reality.

I had not a single apprehension or fear to halt my way. I was swirled up in picture taking, bobby pin sticking, last minute stitching and hot gluing. All the things I wanted to be doing. I found my proper place. It felt good there. It felt right. Pride. Joy.

“Jump up!” I said. Jump up and over. A new day is on the other side. I was the mother of the bride. Every wish I had unfulfilled channeled into the details of her dream day. Took me very breath away as she joined me as a sister in the club. Good. Wives.

Copyright 2017. R. Frank. Text and original photograph.