An Empty Shell

Not being present while you’re present is equivalent to being out of mind while you’re still in sight.

Ever eat dinner with someone that was on social networks the majority of the time? They took an “usie” of y’all while you were waiting to be seated. Smile for the ‘gram! They snapped y’all’s chat about brussel sprouts versus asparagus. “Do baby cabbage and little fiber sticks taste better steamed or roasted?” 🤔 Let’s see if the book of faces can educate our palates. Picture of your dressed plates… uploaded. You are together at the same time, but in a totally different space. There is no continuum of connection between the big and small of things. Out of mind.

Have you ever gone to the park for a play date? Kids are halted on the slide (put your feet out) for a photo-op. “Becky when you pump your feet back look over here and smile!!” Little Becky tries, but the action exposes frustration in a parent trying to capture a moment. On to the see-saw. Up. Snap. Down. Snap. Time to leave the park. The kid is begging to go back. A parent satisfied that a child enjoyed their time. Who was paying attention when fun was nowhere in sight?

The sun goes down and you’re glad it’s snuggle time. Fat full and cozy, semi-propped up in bed. The focus of your affection climbs in. “Hey what’s on TV?” Click on. Flip. Flip. Read the guide. Flip. Watching a late night movie can be nice. Wait. Gotta check emails real quick. Sunrise. The most intimate place is to be far away, but held close. The loneliest person can see and touch a body that’s mind is content in a parallel universe. Here. For you. An empty shell.