The Contract

Confidence. It can really be a tricky thing. Sometimes you feel invincible; other times, invisible for sure. How is it that we shrink and grow in the value of our surety that we can meet the demands of our destiny.

I mean it’s imperative that we maintain the conscious thought that we can succeed at whatever we do. Even when doubt creeps in, it must be swat down like a flying roach (extreme panic that can later be relayed as a vengeance). Visions of greatness matched with adequate skill. Grandiose plans reined by an unimposing coin purse. Never forgetting that whatever contrary evidence is presented against our masterful strategies, we must know that we will triumph.

Hey… There are actually times we go into things knowing that we are gonna suck. I assure you that every time this happens there is someone else that we believe can fulfill the team’s dream. They can take it to the top! Mistakes happen, but the supporting cast is their to keep the plot from flopping.

This is the source; the root of confidence. We believe that an outcome is guaranteed, because we want it to be so. It has little to nothing to do what other’s think of our next scheme. It’s either harebrained or revolutionary and it’s always according to what we think it is. We get to decide what lives and dies from out of our minds.

The covenant of self preservation was designed to keep us from denying ourselves the promise of greatness. We must believe.