Houston Strong

Sorry that I had to keep you waiting. All around my city, people are wading to reach higher ground.

The downpour has been torrential, not like a jungle but like an apocalyptic movie scene. The constant sheets of rain have left my thoughts soggy and soul drenched by salty tears.

The winds have whistled just shy of a train booming down on us. My muscles are frozen from dozing with one foot on the starting block; ready to flee.

You feel blessed that you were able to gather above the basics, food, warmth and dry shoes. Your stockpile seems worthless as comfort let’s you view people on roofs, in boats, swimming for a refugee and the watery expanse sealing your dry land was created by mere luck or fate.

Each one has their own experience. If you cried through this storm, then at minimum that same grip of grief is shared by us all.

The work of putting each life, family, and community back together is going to be heavy phase by phase. Each thread you add is needed to cover us all in the long haul.

My business is located on this street. This is the closest that I’ve been able to get to see it. To the right of that railing is a ravine that is about 20 ft deep. (I do not own the rights to this image. Courtesy of Google Images).

If you’re first responders, we thank you! If you are organizing food and clothes drives, we thank you! If you are volunteering at shelters, we thank you! If you are helping displaced employees find new jobs and housing, we thank you! If you are passing out hot or cold meals or MREs, we thank you! If you are helping people who lost paid off vehicles apply for relief, we thank you! Anything you do to help us make it all the way through is what makes us #HoustonStrong #TexasStrong #BuiltToLast #HarveyWasAMuthafucka

We ❤️ You Rockfort, Corpus Christi, Victoria, Brazoria, Galveston, Dickinson, Spring, Fort Bend, Baytown, Port Arthur… And every town, city, and town in between!