I Can’t Eat Your Cake

I have a serious question. I sincerely need help understanding why I can’t have my cake and eat it too. What am I supposed to do with the cake? Just look at it? I’m inclined to think not.

Everyone has a different flavor palette, so maybe whoever thought of this saying didn’t like cake. That’s fine. I wholeheartedly believe that not everyone likes cake. Some people prefer cookies or pies. Even to those, I think my logic still applies. Why would I have what I desire and not want to consume it?

Could this “have your cake and eat it too” be an indictment of gluttonous behaviors? Gluttony is all about greed and over consumption. What if I only want to eat a reasonable share of my proverbial cake. Some of us may only like it by the sliver; whereas, others gorge on it by the pound. This spectrum of partaking in sinful delights shouldn’t ban the reasonable indulgences. Should it?

Maybe variety matters. Each kind of cake possesses it’s own unique blend of tastes and aromas that seduce the mind. Hey… which one did you just think about??? I swear I can almost smell a three layer chocolate on chocolate cake. Still warm. Freshly baked. *Sigh* Soooo why wouldn’t I want to eat that? Or a Sock-It-To-Me cake made in a bundt pan with a perfect cinnamon ribbon running through it. You smell that? Umm, cinnamon. If comfort had a flavor, it could be either of those for me.

If talking (actually typing) about cakes makes my olfactory senses leap for joy then why must I deprive my tongue such sweet savors. Two of my senses have already fallen victim; my hands and my mouth are sure to fulfill the desires of my eyes. Is that wrong?

Let’s just say for argument’s sake that it’s not someone else’s cake. It’s mine. All mine. I invested time, money, and lustful feelings into possessing it all for myself. I don’t think that I would do that if I had no intention of getting the most out of it. That was the whole point of making the cake. Pleasures. Indulgences.

I do understand that this “have your cake and eat it too” mantra conveys a sentiment against wanting more than your fair share. I realize that I cannot eat my cake, lick my fingers and then expect someone else to give me theirs. That would be unfair and inequitable. I must fully accept that when my cake is gone it is gone for good. I must consume it prudently. Whether I heed that advice or not is my choice. I alone will have to live with the consequences. These are the guidelines for being able to have it and then eat it. If I scarf mine down and then take yours that’s called greed. Double standards. Thievery.

It could be said that the reversal of the quote makes more sense. “You cannot eat your cake and still have it.” So, I can’t have it both ways. Either I will eat my cake or keep my cake. I cannot create a double standard by trying to eat it and keep it too. Again, that is unjust, because others comply with the moral code of adhering to social norms uniformly. I don’t get to be so special that I can devour my cake, regurgitate it, and then eat it again, because by all rules that’s gross. Barbaric. Animalistic.

I guess in the end, I can have my cake and eat it too. I simply have to be mindful of my consumption, because once it’s gone I cannot devise schemes to get more than my share. In other words, I can’t have my cake and eat yours too!

Yay!! My oven timer just went off!