Hold that line!

Everytime! It's imperative that you hold that line tight! When you thought that your victory was to draw it bold and bright, you were only half right.

It is good to have boundaries that are secure. The best first step for sure. Be mindful that the freedom of self preservation is protection, not a cure.

You've got to hold that line!

Don't get in your feelings for them testing the firmness of your stance. It's not by happenstance. If there's a crack, then there's a chance.

Being a sucker should not be confused with being meek. The latter takes patience that's not given to the weak. Whatever's reserved for you they seek.

Hold that line!

Everytime. Protect the path you choose. Endure every bump and bruise. Without commitment to yourself, your just rewards you'll lose.

You really think after compromise that you will be just fine? It will mar the essence of your soul to know that you lack spine. If your really want to live in peace that is divine, then hold that line!